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Congressman Lacy Clay

Representing the 1st District of Missouri


I believe that education is the key by which we can each open the doors of opportunity.  Quality education for every American will guarantee that our communities flourish, and that our nation is thoroughly prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.  I am deeply committed to ensuring that our public education system functions effectively and successfully serves our students. 

Far too many of our children exit the school system without a solid base or diploma, ill-prepared for higher education or the workplace.  A primary concern of mine is ensuring that student achievement levels are raised dramatically and that public education provide all children the foundation to be highly productive members of society.  In order to accomplish this, bold action must be taken, and unyielding support must be given to our teachers, children, and parents to secure a bright future for all students.

In light of my dedication to this issue, I have co-sponsored several important bills in our most recent congressional sessions and plan to continue the fight for educational equity here in Congress.  H.R. 526, the Full Funding for IDEA Now Act, of which I am a proud co-sponsor and advocate, entitles states to receive federal grants which aid in the education of all children with mental and physical disabilities. H.R. 1102, the Keep Our Promise to America’s Children and Teachers (the Keep our PACT) Act aims to fully fund effective elementary and secondary education programming, and to provide proficient financial support to special education under the Americans With Disabilities Act.  I have also co-sponsored H.R. 1161, the Keep Teachers Teaching Act, which would provide incentives to school districts for implementing innovative teacher retention programs.

Education is essential to our individual success and to our productivity as a society.  I have and will continue to be a fervent supporter of Congressional efforts to secure excellent early childhood education, effective programming and funding for elementary and secondary students. I will also continue working to ensure that higher and continuing education is affordable for all Americans.

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