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Clay’s Gun Bill to Give Local Governments New Freedom to Fight Gun Violence Federal legislation would allow St. Louis and cities in 43 states to pass tougher gun laws without approval of state legislatures

June 28, 2019
Press Release

ST. LOUIS – Standing just steps away from the emergency/trauma center of St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Congressman Wm. Lacy Clay (D) Missouri today announced his federal legislation that would give local governments new freedom to fight gun violence without approval of their state legislatures.

Flanked by St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson, trauma surgeons, and grass roots champions who are fighting to curb gun violence, Mr. Clay said in-part:

“In St. Louis and across this nation…we are faced with an ugly, obscene, inescapable truth…gun violence is a public health emergency.

I’ve introduced H.R. 3435, the Local Public Health and Safety Protection Act, because like you, I’m tired of the violence.

I’m tired of the excuses.

And I’m tired of our state legislature being either unable, or just too frightened, to do something about gun violence - because they’re being held hostage by the NRA.”

Congressman Clay’s groundbreaking bill, would, for the first time via federal legislation, prohibit any state that competes for grant funding from the Department of Justice from restricting the ability of a local government to enact tougher gun regulations than the current laws of that state.

Under Mr. Clay’s new legislation, which he coauthored with his friend and colleague from Chicago, Congresswoman Robin Kelly (D) Illinois;  States should not prohibit or restrict a local government from:

Requiring background checks for firearms purchases;

Restricting the ability to carry a firearm in public places;

Restricting the quantity and type of ammunition that an individual is allowed to purchase;

Requiring gun owners to safely store their firearms, especially in households with children;

And prohibiting the sale and transfer of certain types of especially deadly firearms and accessories, including semi-automatic assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines.


H.R. 3435 has already earned widespread support from leading grass roots activist groups fighting to curb gun violence, including: Moms Demand Action; Everytown for Gun Safety; Campaign to Stop Gun Violence; March for Our Lives; Brady, and Giffords; the organization founded by Congressman Clay’s courageous friend, former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

To view the full text of the H.R. 3435, please go to:

Congress Lacy Clay (D) Missouri joins trauma surgeons from St. Louis Children’s’s Hospital as he announces his new legislation that would give cities the freedom to enact tougher gun laws without approval from state legislatures.


Congressman Lacy Clay (D) thanks volunteers from Moms Demand Action for their support of his new legislation that would give cities the freedom to enact tougher gun laws without approval from state legislatures.